Imperial Odyssey - The War of Twelve Book Trailer

Queensmen — they are the twelve deadliest soldiers in the known universe, serving as the vanguards of civilization. But when a mysterious figure from a distant world threatens that peace, the Queensmen soon find themselves hurtled into war. Racing against the clock they must uncover the truth about their enemy, as well as themselves. Billions of lives hang in the balance as the Queensmen desperately struggle against an alien invasion. Faced with blood, battles, and betrayal, will they fall to the shadowy demon, or will they win...THE WAR OF TWELVE

Imperial Odyssey - The Brushfire Impasse

Imperial Odyssey - Silly Things

Imperial Odyssey - Honor Thy Father

Imperial Odyssey - Silly Things Trailer

Imperial Odyssey - Truth Embargoed

Imperial Odyssey - The Relic

Imperial Odyssey - The War of Twelve Book Trailer

Dripping with Blood

Political Turmoil
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