Emmen Series Weapons

The Emmen series weapons were used by the Zintoniean Military during the Tloyd Conquest of 2095. It was the first series of weapons used by the Zintonieans to use the four-model system.

The Emmen I is a carbine designed for light handling, tight quarters, and accurate fire. It fires a .223 caliber round and is accurate to 500 yards.

The Emmen II is designed to be a close support long rifle, preferred by field snipers and point men. It fires the same .223 caliber round as the other Emmen models, although it fires a high velocity high explosive round.

The Emmen III is an assault rifle designed for high impact combat. It is best known for its resilience and accuracy. It fires the same round as the other Emmen models and was most popular with ground forces.

The Emmen IV fires the .223 round on a 1,000 round chain. It was designed for squad support and fire superiority.

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