Xeno was rescued by Zintoniean scientists who identified his sentience at a young age. He had a normal childhood and showed an aptitude for mathematics. Xeno pursued a degree in law enforcement and eventually joined the Zintoniean Secret Police. He worked as an agent, tracking down counterfeiters hiding outside the boundaries of the empire. The Helmecute was awarded several commendations and became well known in the Secret Police. Xeno was eventually invited to join the Queensmen Corps. At first he refused but later reconsidered. Military life was challenging but Xeno quickly adapted and made a resounding reputation that echoed in the Queensmen Corps. He was promoted to Queensmen first class and remained at this position for nearly fifty years. Xeno committed suicide in 2454 A.D. in order to prevent a Sarnisian fleet from invading the Zintoniean Empire.

Xeno was portrayed by Austin Craft in “Imperial Odyssey – The Dawn of Dissonance”

Additional Info

  • Year born: UNKNOWN (Approx. 2170 AD)
  • Affiliation: Zintoneian Empire, Queensmen Corps
  • Race: Helmecute
  • Birthplace: Helmecute Planet
  • Name at Birth: UNKNOWN
  • Gender: Male
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