Ullr was the son of a Sarnisian minister and a high profile priestess. On a pilgrimage to the Planet of Runes they fell under attack by pirates. With his parents dead, Ullr rebelled against the Sarnisian way of life and fled into deep space. He found the pirates that killed his parents and slaughtered them. Recruiting the help of a smuggling group, Ullr managed to slip into the borders of the Crune Empire.

Continuing a life of smuggling and piracy, Ullr suffered a major malfunction and crashed on the planet Akil. Ullr found a tribe of Humans with a Norwegian ancestry who, for generations, had severed all contact with the outside world and advanced technology. The Norwegian tribe believed their Sarnisian friend was a God and gave Ullr his name. He enjoyed a pampered life for a while before leaving to repair his ship. Spurred by his contact with the fundamentalist Humans, Ullr found a new purpose to his life. Believing his people were slaves to the Prophets, Ullr launched a one-man campaign to free them from their religious ties. He returned to Sarnisia briefly, to try and convince religious leaders of their faults, blaming the Prophets for his parents’ deaths as well as the suffering he saw in the galaxy.

Ullr was expelled as a heritic and nearly killed. The Sarnisian deviant sought out the Athenaeum, an ancient Aarie library containing the secrets of the Prophets. There he discovered ways to fight against the Sarnisian Gods and lead his people away from their religious base. Ullr returned to Crune space where he made several alliances, eventually leading an army of pirates back to Sarnisia. Spurring a civil war and backed by a makeshift navy, Ullr nearly toppled the Sarnisian Ministry, but was stopped by the Eloth’Naka. The pirates under his command betrayed him and started killing civilians. In an act of redemption, Ullr turned his ship on his own followers and destroyed them, killing himself in the process.

Ullr was created by Lukas Fisher for the role play “Imperial Odyssey – Outcast” and again reappeared as a character played by Austin Craft in Imperial Odyssey – Athenaeum.

Additional Info

  • Year born: 2046 A.D.
  • Affiliation: Self
  • Race: Sarnisian
  • Birthplace: Sarnisia
  • Name at Birth: UNKNOWN
  • Gender: Male
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