Abandoned at a young age, Tazia fell into petty theft and trickery. At the age of eight, she decided to become a smuggler, running her own operation out of the Kipque orbital space station. There, she became well known in the underworld, but was able to avoid detection, mostly because of her age. She left the station with Ullr at the age of thirteen and fought in the Sarnisian civil war.  She escaped Sarnisia with Cassandra Nighana’s help and fled back to Crune space. Tazia joined a team of colonists and explorers and set out for what is now Yundi Li. She continued to run small smuggling and forgery operations from the planet. Tazia was killed by a poisonous snakebite at the age of twenty-nine.

Additional Info

  • Year born: 2313 A.D.
  • Affiliation: Self
  • Race: Alpha Crune
  • Birthplace: Kipque
  • Name at Birth: UNKNOWN
  • Gender: Female
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