Little is known about Marrow. Records show he was identified as a sentient Helmecute nearly a hundred years after his birth, and subsequently made a Zintoniean citizen. No records show formal schooling, training, education, or anything of that nature. Marrow was recruited by the Zintoniean Secret Police to carry out a mission, the details of which are still unknown. Marrow somehow lost all memory of the mission, who he is or where he came from? He awoke on a Crune transport ship where he met Ullr. Marrow showed a great aptitude for deception, petty thievery, and sleight of hand. As a pathological liar it’s hard to separate Marrow’s history as fact or fiction.  Reports say he died in Sarnisia along with Ullr. Others say he was elevated as a God by the Sarnisian people.  

Marrow was created by Ryan Wakeman for the role play "Imperial Odyssey - Outcast"

Additional Info

  • Year born: UNKNOWN (Approx. 2050 A.D.)
  • Affiliation: Self
  • Race: Helmecute
  • Birthplace: Helmecute Planet
  • Name at Birth: UNKNOWN
  • Gender: Male
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