Queen Ania

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Ania was born to a wealthy family of business owners. She took interest in business management at an early age, but for the most part had an average childhood. While in school she took a deep interest in politics and joined a debate team. After winning several debate titles she went to college to study law and eventually became a tax lawyer. Ania’s first step toward public office was running for Vice Governor of her home planet.

Although her party lost she was hot on the political scene. Ania eventually ran for Senate and won a seat in the Zintoniean Senate. She served for several years and then temporarily retired. When political tensions grew between the Zintonieans and Trisaliens, she returned to the political scene, this time with her eyes set on the throne of the Zintoniean Empire. Ania won by a small margin becoming the first ever Human queen.

Among her first actions she ordered a secret deployment of military forces into the already debated neutral zone. Although illegal, many argue her bold actions most likely saved the Zintoniean Empire in what would become an inevitable war. Ania’s forces were discovered and sparked the Brushfire wars. Her popularity severely plummeted and she was elected out of office during the next cycle. Ania stood behind her actions until her death, and although criticized by many, was fundamental in shaping future military deployment against the Trisaliens.

Queen Ania was portrayed by Nadine Rondinella in Imperial Odyssey - The Brushfire Impasse

Additional Info

  • Year born: 2114 A.D.
  • Affiliation: Zintoneian Empire
  • Race: Human
  • Birthplace: Murob
  • Name at Birth: Ania Olak
  • Gender: Female
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