Zintonieans are the founding species of the Zintoniean Empire. Although Zintoniea A is their true home world, they claim two others, Zintoniea B and Zintoniea C.


The History of the Zintoniean species is closely aligned with the history of the Zintoniean Empire. As a species they had average development through their pre industrial eras. After the founding of the Zintoniean Empire the species as a whole progressed rather rapidly. Zintonieans spread to another planet in their system and colonized it, renaming it Zintoniea B. Civil war broke out but was quickly extinguished and Zintonieans continued their expanse into space.

The Empire continued growing as it included the Nicronieans and Millione. The species survived several economic collapses and wars. Zintonieans became known as possessive and technologically driven. During contact with Humans they were categorized as “imperials, geniuses, and curious.”


Unlike many of the other species in the galaxy, Zintoniean culture is surprisingly unified. From a very early start they had the idea that governmental power belongs to the people in one form or another. Zintonieans place high emphasis on the feminine, granting females with certain cultural rights men don’t have. This is largely in part to the ratio of women to men. However, because there are far fewer Zintoniean males, a higher priority is placed on males, giving them the upper hand in many situations. It is also not uncommon for polygamist relationships to exist. In fact, more marriages involve multiple parties, rather than just a pair.


Zintonieans have an average lifespan of 45-50 years. They have orange blood, gills, and their circulatory system has five small heart-like pumps, rather than a single larger heart. Zintonieans more commonly have twins and triplets than single children. Females can only reproduce during two, two-year long periods in their life. Females outnumber males three to one and can become chemically addicted to their male mates. The Zintoniean’s twin species are Nicronieans.

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