Sarnisians are inhabitants of the planet Sarnisia. They are members of the Aarie alliance.

Sarnisian Soldiers


The Sarnisians are an ancient species that were capable of interplanetary travel thousands of years before any other species. As part of the Aarie Alliance they owned dozens of planets and their relics are spread across the galaxy. Most evidence of their empire has been lost and Sarnisians do not keep records of their past. They have been a secretive species and until recent contact with The Zintoniean Empire they have been completely isolated. Most of Sarnisian history has been recorded in the “Pariph la’Kae” which has yet to be translated.


Sarnisians are isolationists and xenophobic. They do not believe in using technology on a daily basis. Most Sarnisians work with hand tools and live simple lives as craftsmen or farmers. Honor is more important than anything else. They have no currency, using honor and a barter system as a way of payment. They are broken into fifteen separate clans, each with their own unique customs. Sarnisians believe in a religion centered on the worship of twenty Prophets. They are fiercely adverse to other species and opposed to breaking any of their traditions. As a whole Sarnisians have an intense respect for life, and do not wage war unless absolutely essential.


Sarnisians have an average lifespan of 900-1000 years. They have purple blood, silvery blue skin, black eyes (or in rare cases orange or purple), and pointed ears. Sarnisians have an incredibly slow metabolism that helps with a longer lifespan. They have single children, twins are very rare, and their gestation period is as long as five years. Sarnisians are the genetic twins of the Moranians, and it has been suggested they are genetic triplets with the Helmecutes.

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