Moranians are one of the three species of the Aarie Alliance. They are indigenous to the planet Eyton.

A Moranian Warrior with war paint (click for larger image)


Moranians once ruled over a vast empire that stretched to every corner of the galaxy. Due to war, famine, and disease they fell back to their own world. Moranians remained on Eyton for some time, turning their technological development inward. They forfeited the exploration of space and spent most of their energy developing technology. Moranians finally left their planet and made secret contact with the Sarnisians. In an effort to rebuild the Aarie Alliance they launched an attack against the Zintoniean Empire.


Moranians are a highly technologically advanced species. Although few in number they have some of the most advanced tech in the galaxy. Moranians place emphasis on the greater whole. Individualism does not apply in their culture, and there is a burning need to re-conquer the galaxy and control the Aarie Alliance. Moranians, like Sarnisians, believe in twenty Prophets, and justify many of their actions as the will of their gods. This strange combination of religious extremism, imperialism, and technological superiority makes the Moranians particularly hard to anticipate. It is customary for Moranian soldiers to conceal their face in battle. Paint, masks, veils, cloaks, and even implants have all been used to hide the identity of Moranian warriors.


A Moranian Warrior with war paint (click for larger image)

Moranians have an average lifespan of 900-1000 years. They have purple blood, slate blue eyes, golden skin, a raised forehead, pointed ears, and a semi-forked tongue. Moranians, like Sarnisians, have incredibly slow metabolisms. They are the genetic twins of the Sarnisians, but it has been suggested they are the triplets along with Helmecutes.

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