Crune, Centauri

C Crune are the third and final species to join the Crune Empire. They are natives of the plant Empth, but their true home world is unknown.

A Male Centauri Crune (click for larger image)


It is a well known fact that in 1296 A.D. 37 ships carrying C Crune touched down on Empth. For reasons unknown they destroyed all records of their history, where they came from, why they left, and all technology they brought with them. The C Crune started over as an industrial species, and generations later there was nothing to tie them back to where they originated. The C Crune developed as a single united species. They spanned to several cities and eventually grew into a large nation. Their technological development was slow, hindered by their cultural fear of technology. In 1715 A.D. first contact was made with the Crune Empire. At the time, many C Crune felt threatened by alien invaders and called for war. With tensions high the Crune Empire backed off an entered diplomatic negotiations. After establishing an alliance the C Crune were eventually included in the Crune Empire.


The C Crune are collectively a cautious species. Generations of lore and myth created a sense of fear of the unknown, technology, and space. It is widely accepted by C Crune that other alien races are deceivers and generally hostile. Ironically, this has made the C Crune into a hostile paranoid species. Their general dislike of technology has also led to many “witch hunts” of scientists and progressive thinkers. Despite this the C Crune are also known for their patience and generosity. Although quick to raise arms in defense they are also infamous for thinking carefully before they act.


A Male Centauri Crune (click for larger image)

C Crune have an average lifespan of 80-100 years. They have bright blue blood and large black eyes, but in some rare cases their eyes can be gold. C Crune have webbed fingers and a semi-telepathic mental connection to others of their species. They can sense each other’s presence and in strong cases even read each other’s thoughts, although it is uncommon. They have scaly skin, pointed claws, and sharp teeth. C Crune are naturally nocturnal and sleep during the day. They are the genetic twins on the A Crune.

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