Boyies are a species outside other political control. Their true home world is unknown, but the Zintoniean Empire has designated their currently occupied planet as the Boyie Homeworld.


It has been suggested Trisaliens and Boyies developed on the same world but split after centuries of conflict. Historical records are fragmented, so gaining a clear picture of the truth is nearly impossible. When the first Boyies arrived on their new home world they were impoverished and stranded with little technology. They quickly grew into farming cultures with a unified counsel of representatives. As the Boyie developed they fell into an unorganized chaos most associated with third world cultures. After contact with the Zintoniean Empire many upper tier Boyie found an opportunity to make money on the side and hundreds of crime families were born. Piracy, smuggling, mob activity and other violence have created a never-ending swath of refugees.


Boyie culture is marred to criminal activity. However, they have an appreciation of scientific endeavors and their cultural ties to family are some of the strongest in the galaxy. Boyie also don’t believe in allowing outsiders to observe what they consider “personal” matters. This includes everything from eating, to discussing politics. Their exploration and expansion into space has been limited by internal strife, economic instability and criminal activity, but this has not prevented Boyies from developing a rich culture of dance, food, and music.


Boyies have an average lifespan of 40-60 years. They have clear blood, large round heads, massive compound eyes, short stocky bodies, tentacle arms nearly twice as long as their bodies, stubby legs, and triangular mouths similar to Trisaliens. Boyies can reproduce asexually or with a mate. They only stand three and a half feet tall, with the tallest on record being five feet two inches. Boyies are the genetic twins of the Trisaliens.

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