Crune, Beta

The B Crune are one of the founding species of the Crune Empire. They are native to the planet Raywill.


The B Crune quickly spanned across their planet and formed dozens of competing countries and cultures. Being more aggressive than A Crune, war was fairly commonplace. B Crune astronomers located the nearby planet Yu and determined it had life on its surface. It was long debated by B Crune if there was intelligent life or not, but nevertheless, B Crune continued development over the centuries. When radio contact was first established with the A Crune, the B Crune underwent a radical change in culture, government, politics, and societal development. In the span of a few years warfare became a thing of the past and most the B Crune unified under a single government. Not long after the Crune Empire was born.


There is a sense of guard rooted deep into B Crune culture. Even as the Crune Empire expanded a majority of the military and internal security personal were B Crune. With hundreds of unique cultures, languages, traditions and customs it’s impossible to say all B Crune are militaristic. Being the first to official lay down arms and agree to all commitments of the Crune Empire the B Crune are not a blood thirsty race, but do have a sense of duty and a keen ability to win battles.


B Crune have an average lifespan of 160-190 years. Their eyes are solid white. Females have varying shades of gray skin, while Males have purple or turquois skin. B Crune do no have a nose in the traditional manner. Instead there is a pallet of sensitive skin where the nose would normally be, that can detect aromas. Their mouths are larger than a Human mouth and seem to point downward, almost like a frown. Above their eyes on their forehead is a small triangular shaped ridge that runs over the top of their skull. The skull itself is more elongated that a Human skull. Their ears are large and pointed, but ironically, they do not have great hearing. B Crune can breath an assortment of gasses but oxygen is poisonous to them. For this reason many B Crune wear breathing masks. B Crune are generally taller than most other species with an average height of 6 feet nine inches. Their bodies are slender and their long arms each have three digits. Their legs have a backward hinge and their feet have two large digits. B Crune have green blood and a super active metabolism. They require 5,000-7,000 calories a day. B Crune must hibernate once a year for 4-6 weeks. Other than this hibernation period they only sleep 2-3 hours a day. B Crune are the genetic twins of the Millione.

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