Crune, Alpha

The A Crune are one of the founding species of the Crune Empire. They are native to the planet Yu.


As with many species, the A Crune developed in many different nations, leading to the creation of dozens of languages and cultures. From a very early time A Crune scientists recognized the nearby planet of Raywill and determined it was capable of supporting life. When the radio was invented communication with Raywill soon followed, and first contact was made with the B Crune. Years later contact was finally made with the B Crune. After a quick alliance the Crune Empire was forged.


It is hard to define the A Crune under a singular culture. Because of their semi-telepathic abilities many of their customs and traditions involve their mental links to one another. This mental intimacy has made the A Crune a generally peaceful species, however, mental attacks and subconsciously stealing information is prevalent.


A Crune have an average lifespan of 80-100 years. They have bright blue blood and large black eyes, but in some rare cases their eyes can be gold. They have scaly skin which ranges in color from dark to light orange, and dark to light yellow. A Crune have webbed fingers and a semi-telepathic mental connection to others of their species. They can sense each other’s presence and in strong cases even read each other’s thoughts, although it is uncommon. They have pointed claws and sharp teeth. A Crune are nocturnal by nature and they usually sleep during the daytime. They are the genetic twins of the C Crune.

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