Zintoniean Military

The Zintoniean military is one of the largest and most powerful military forces in the galaxy. It is divided into five branches.

The Zintoniean Army is the ground forces of the Zintoniean military. They must train in various conditions to be prepared for combat in an assortment of alien worlds. The Zintoniean Army is also a mechanized force with dozens of advance vehicles at their disposal.

The Zintoniean Navy is the second largest in the galaxy, behind the Crune. The Zintoniean navy deploys a variety of ships, including carriers, transports, capital ships, interceptors and more. The Zintoniean Navy deploys ships on boarder patrol, rescue missions, and combat during times of war.

The universe is full of strange phenomenon and it is the job of the Zintoniean Science Crops to demystify it. Cartography, biology, astronomy, and the development of new technology are just some of the duties of the Science Corps. This branch of the military is also responsible for long-range reconnaissance and deep space exploration.

Marines are responsible for the security of space stations, ships, and outposts. In combat Marines defend their home ship and launch boarding parties against enemy ships. Marines must train in 0 gravity, as well as various environmental conditions should they land on an alien world.

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