Zintoniean Empire

The Zintoniean Empire is one of the largest political entities in the galaxy with five member species: Zintonieans, Nicronieans, Millione, Humans, and Tloyd. The Zintoniean Empire is one of the oldest political powers still in existence.


The Zintoniean Empire was first founded by Queen Catamalina in 298 B.C.. After a few hundred years contact was made with the Nicronieans. Eventually the Zintoniean Empire annexed them and continued expansion. Zintonieans made contact with the Millione, Humans, and finally Tloyd, joining with all three. As the Zintoniean Empire expanded they made contact with the Crune Empire, Sarnisians, Boyie, and Trisaliens. The Zintoniean Empire has fought numerous galactic wide wars and survived several economic collapses.


The Zintoniean Empire is divided into five branches of government. The executive branch is ruled by a Queen, elected every five years by the senate. The senate is comprised of a single representative from each planet of the Zintoniean Empire. A judicial branch is elected by the Queen and approved by the senate. An economist branch is elected by the judicial branch and approved by the Queen. Their job is to maintain budget and economic stability. Finally, when there is a Divine Light in power, The Vesuvian Church has influence but no direct control over Zintoniean politics.


There are thousands of independent cultures in the Zintoniean Empire and no single culture is particularly dominant. All species in the Zintoniean Empire refer to themselves as “Zintoniean” and when speaking generally about the empire most just say Zintonieans. The official language is Tawk, and the official government is a constitutional representative monarchy. The Zintoniean Empire uses the Catam as their official currency, named after the founding queen. Zintonieans aren’t particularly an aggressive people, but they are constantly expanding and willing to fight for more territory.

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