United Factions of the Trisalien Federation

The United Factions of the Trisalien Federation most populous political entity in the galaxy. It is estimated there are over one trillion Trisaliens.


From the beginning Trisaliens divided themselves into factions. These divisions only grew deeper as the species expanded into space. Of these, four reigned supreme and ruled over space. After several bitter wars between the four they finally found economic stability in an alliance. The alliance eventually grew into the United Factions of the Trisalien Federation, which spanned across the galaxy. They have not had good relations with the Boyie Union, the Crune Empire, or the Zintoniean Empire.


A ruling class of land and slave owners, called the “All High” leads the Trisaliens. They inherit their position and demand respect from all subordinate classes. This caste system is strongly enforced and if there is any sign of rebellion, is it eliminated immediately. Because the All High are not elected into office, they have supreme authority over the Trisalieans as both leaders and diplomats. Trisaliens do not have a long lifespan and as such, the government is in a perpetual state of flux.


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