Tloyd (species)

Tloyd are the fifth species to join the Zintoniean Empire. They are indigenous to the planet Tloyd.


The Tloyd developed as dozens of nations under the constant threat of war. In fact, warfare became so commonplace on Tloyd there are more periods of history with it than without it. Most of its nations and governments were categorized as military dictatorships or supremacist regimes. After first contact Tloyd insurgents launched several targeted attacks against Crune and Zintoniean targets. In 2095 the Tloyd government launched an attack against the Zintoniean Empire. They were defeated and annexed into the Zintoniean Empire.


Because of their warlike culture many Tloyd put emphasis into physical strength or tactical reasoning. There are hundreds of individual Tloyd cultures but many idolize military commanders and war heroes. However, art is another greatly appreciated aspect of Tloyd culture, especially music. Anthropologists theorize music is a universally appreciated art form, and easiest way to relieve stress in battlefield like conditions. Because many Tloyd governments would frequently destabilize and crumble most Tloyd do not trust larger government entities.


Tloyd physiology is nearly identical to Human, as they are biological twins.

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