The Eloth’Naka are an organization of elite Sarnisian warriors. They are feared and worshiped as gods. Eloth’Naka have somehow tapped into a strange energy that gives them amazing abilities. Eloth’Naka have brief moments of precognition, the ability to teleport and, in rare cases, the ability to fold space-time itself.

Eloth'Naka (click for larger image)


The Eloth’Naka were founded by Ariph the First. Although it is certain that he originally created the Eloth’Naka, it is unknown when. Theories suggest that the Eloth’Naka were once a religious movement with great political power and that they collapsed, becoming the secretive order they are. Other anthropologists believe they have always been a specialized and secluded fighting force, serving the people and government of Sarnisia. Although the Eloth’Naka have existed for tens of thousands of years, they have remained largely unchanged.


The Eloth’Naka are broken into three primary classes: apprentice, virtuoso, and master. Master train apprentices until they graduate to virtuoso. Virtuosos may be promoted to master, but there may only be fifteen masters at any given time. A grand master leads the Eloth’Naka, and they have some influence in the Sarnisian ministry. Eloth’Naka inherit titles and only masters can make decisions for all Eloth’Naka.


Eloth’Naka literally means “Shadow Warrior”. They are a culture deeply rooted in their religious beliefs, sense of honor, dedication to duty, and preservation of the Sarnisian way of life. Shadow Warriors believe in the supremacy of life and strive not to kill, even in battle. They endeavor to keep order on Sarnisia and, in some rare cases, fight against the government for the protection of the people. Eloth’Naka also believe they gain their powers from a connection to the Kae, the heavenly plane where their gods, the “Prophets” exist.

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