Boyie Union

The Boyie Union is the governing body of the Boyie people. It has little power over the Boyie people, and is often corrupted by criminal activity.


The Boyie Union has no official beginning. It somehow evolved from a series of workers unions into a governmental body that claimed control over the rest of the population. The Boyies continued developing independently, many outside the influence of their government. The Union didn’t truly gain power until contact with other species. As corruption seeped into the government the Boyie Union also saw an expansion into space, technological progression, and some civil liberties enforced.


There is no constitution, nor any powers actually designated to the Boyie government. However, many comply with its wishes, and delegations are often elected by popular vote. The Boyies believe their system gives everyone equal representation, but critics say with no checks and balances the government is unstable to say the very least.


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