Nighana, Cassandra

Cassandra was born to the Eloth’Naka Kyten and another member of the Nighana clan. At her birth it was obvious she was gifted with extraordinary mental and physical abilities. As a child she spent most of her time in quiet meditation and study, usually isolated from other children. At the age of forty (still a child to Sarnisians) she began training as an Eloth’Naka under her father. In 2326 AD at the age of ninety-two Cassandra fought in a brief Sarnisian civil war spurred by the dissident Ullr. Going against the Eloth’Naka she aided in the escape of Tazia and was banished for her actions. Cassandra was abandoned on a planet near Trisalien space. She was later found and taken in as a prized slave. For the next twenty years she served her Trisalien masters until a group of Vesuvian missionaries rescued her. Cassandra studied at a university and joined the Zintoniean Navy. Facing extreme discrimination and racism Cassandra rose through the ranks and was invited to the Queensmen Corps. There she progressed through the ranks and was given the position of Queensmen 1st class by Queen Madelyn. Cassandra served with distinction until 2456 when the new Aarie Alliance was formed. The Aarie, seeing Cassandra as a threat, tricked the Zintoniean Empire into betraying her. She narrowly escaped with her life and returned a year later, preventing the Aarie from opening The Door and destroying the Zintonieans. After a genocide on Sarnisia she rejoined her people with honor and assumed control of the nearly extinct Eloth’Naka. She trained her first apprentice, Trate, and gained full respect by the Sarnisian ministry. Cassandra later defended the Zintoniean Empire against an attack by the Derom’Soray, and also fought in another Sarnisian civil war. She died at the age of nine hundred and fifty five.

Cassandra was played by Amber Pratt in “Imperial Odyssey – Shadow’s Genesis”

Additional Info

  • Year born: 2234 A.D.
  • Affiliation: Zintoneian Empire, Queensmen Corps, Eloth'Naka, Sarnisian Ministry
  • Race: Sarnisian
  • Birthplace: Sarnisia
  • Name at Birth: Cassandra Nighana
  • Gender: Female
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