Nicronieans are the second species to join the Zintoniean Empire, and are indigenous to the planet Nicroniea.


Nicronieans were generally a philosophical species, spending most time and energy exploring literature and moral questions. Great debaters throughout Nicroniean history are regarded as some of the most monumental cultural figures. Nicronieans developed in dozens of separated nations. Their cultures and ideals continued to be diverse even after unifying under a central government after space exploration began. Nicronieans eventually made contact with the Zintoniean Empire. After fighting a war and establishing boundaries, Nicronieans eventually joined with the Zintoniean Empire.


As mentioned above Nicronieans as a whole generally put more emphasis into the exploration of philosophy. Unlike their Zintoniean counterparts Nicronieans haven’t always had a stable government. Ironically, their never ending search for moral stability and truth has lead to some sharp division in their society and has sometimes hurt their inner relationships. Despite being unified and under the control of the Zintoniean Empire their arguments continue to flare up every so often.


Nicronieans have an average lifespan of 45-50 years. They have orange blood, gills, and their circulatory system has five small heart-like pumps, rather than a single larger heart. Nicronieans more commonly have twins and triplets than single children. Females can only reproduce during two, two-year long periods in their life. Females outnumber males three to one and become chemically addicted to their male mates. The Nicroniean’s twin species are Zintonieans.

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