Millione are the third species to join the Zintoniean Empire. There are indigenous to the planet Gnat, and, before contact with the Zintonieans, were a very underdeveloped species.


Millione cultures began development separated and independent of each other. They were still prehistoric by the time the Zintoniean Empire made contact with several large tribes and cities. Early language was still in development and made first contact difficult. In addition, there were no stable Millione governments, which also hindered relationships. After decades of trying, contacting, negotiating, and educating, the Zintoniean Empire annexed Gnat and many of the more developed cultures. Laws were put into place to protect some of the more fledgling societies.


Because the Millione are generally underdeveloped it is hard to say there is a unified culture. There are many Millione that still live in tribal societies and exist without greater knowledge of the Zintoniean Empire. Many other Millione are drawn to the stars and excel outside the confines of their planet. The Millione have developed comprehensive martial arts, which ironically has almost no application in day-to-day life. Many individual Millione adopt other cultures depending on personal taste. Many Millione have moved to planets with atmospheres they can breathe and generally prefer to stay away from planets containing oxygen. Millione are also incredibly social and are often found in groups, even more so than Humans.


Millione have an average lifespan of 160-190 years. Their eyes are solid white. Females have varying shades of gray skin, while Males have purple or turquois skin. Millione do no have a nose in the traditional manner. Instead there is a pallet of sensitive skin where the nose would normally be, that can detect aromas. Their mouths are larger than a Human mouth and seem to point downward, almost like a frown. Above their eyes on their forehead is a small triangular shaped ridge that runs over the top of their skull. The skull itself is more elongated that a Human skull. Their ears are large and pointed, but ironically, they do not have great hearing. Millione can breath an assortment of gasses but oxygen is poisonous to them. For this reason many Millione wear breathing masks. Millione are generally taller than most other species with an average height of 6 feet nine inches. Their bodies are slender and their long arms each have three digits. Their legs have a backward hinge and their feet have two large digits. Millione have green blood and a super active metabolism. They require 5,000-7,000 calories a day. Millione must hibernate once a year for 4-6 weeks. Other than this hibernation period they only sleep 2-3 hours a day. Millione are the genetic twins of the Beta Crune. .

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