Humans are the fourth species to join the Zintoniean Empire. They are indigenous to the planet Earth but they also claim Mars as their home world. They are the genetic twins of the Tloyd.


Humans developed in dozens of separate nations that lead to hundreds of different cultures. They experienced many periods of war, followed by dramatic upswings in societal development and technological innovation.


After the 21st century mankind fought a third world war, settled an alien world, and made first contact with the Zintoniean Empire. After a fourth world war, Humans were annexed into the Zintoniean Empire.



Human culture is diverse and constantly evolving. Like many other species it is difficult to classify a single culture. However, Humans have the uncanny need to explore the unknown, consciously or otherwise. Many Humans have been known as risk takers, and if history proves anything, Humanity often acts first and asks questions later.


Read a book. Seriously.

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