Imperial Odyssey Books Now Available

Imperial Odyssey has released the first 3 in a series of 12 novels! Samples of each book can be downloaded at Amazon Kindle. Follow the links to learn more about the novels, the authors, and the worlds of Imperial Odyssey.


Imperial Odyssey – World War Four – Prixmia Down

Written by Paul D. Scavitto. Click here to see on Amazon.

The future is looking bright for humanity. After the third world war mankind spread to Mars, and many of the nations of Earth consolidated into massive super powers. But there is a stranger lurking in the stars…

The Z.I.S. Prixmia, a Zintoniean Science ship, has encountered trouble near Jupiter’s moon Io. When the ship is discovered by Earth’s sensors, mankind finally confirms he is not alone. How will the discovery of aliens affect the nations of Earth? Who speaks for mankind? And how will the powerful Zintoniean Empire choose to respond?

Imperial Odyssey – Efflorescence – Blooming Season

Written by Miranda Carter. Click here to see on Amazon.

Xen Abbraks knows something is wrong; the bombings, the secret police, the disappearances. As if the hardships of high school and life on a new world weren’t difficult enough, Xen finds himself plunged into the chaos of an underground rebellion against the young Monarchy. With his only two friends Archer and Luelle, he must race against time to uncover the truth about his father’s disappearance, and what the government is really up to.

Imperial Odyssey – Fault Line – The Fruit of the Augury Tree

Written by Jon Chan. Click here to see on Amazon.

From the corrupt halls of the highest government officials, to the seedy speakeasies of underworld criminals, Nikolas Dempsey has seen it all. But nothing has prepared him for his latest assignment. When the opportunity arises for colonization of a new world, underhanded political deals turn toward a dilapidated neighborhood called Fay Heights. Dempsey is tasked with making sure the deal doesn’t go south, but soon finds himself in a twisted web of lies and deceit. What will he discover in the infamous ‘tumor’? Who is truly calling the shots? And how will an off world colony change the political landscape?




Tell us what you think about these exciting additions to the Imperial Odyssey universe, and keep an eye out for the next batch to be released on August 12th

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