Zal, High General

Born in an impoverished kingdom, Zal moved to the Zintoniean Empire not long after Queen Catamalina had taken the throne. With the opportunity to become educated Zal learned architecture at a Zintoniean university. While serving as the foreman on a construction site her command presence caught the eye of the Queen. She was recruited on the spot to be the leader of the Queen’s military. With no formal training Zal fought to earn the respect of subordinate officers for the remainder of her career. She plied her education and life experience to her work as a general, proving to be a level headed but strict military commander. Zal perished when a ship she was on board sank in a winter storm.


High General Zal was played by Dionne Neish in the film adaptation of Jon Chan’s “Imperial odyssey – Questions of War”

Additional Info

  • Year born: 287 B.C.
  • Affiliation: Zintoneian Empire
  • Race: Zintoniean
  • Birthplace: Zintoniea A
  • Name at Birth: Zal
  • Gender: Female
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