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Imperial Odyssey - Network

Written by  Kyle Anderson
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On a outpost world within the Trisalien territory. A strike team of 12 made of Terrans, Tloyed and Millione lead by a Terrain name L.T Dick Price. When they come to the out post fence they have to cut there way into the outer parts of the base. They quickly take out any guards they come across. When they come to the base. The team broke into three smaller teams. One went to the outer power generator, another stayed by the base door and the last went to the back door.

Price: L.T Price to team 2 blow the power. Team 3 be ready to enter when the power goes.

The 2nd team blows the generators. Inside the outpost the Trisaliens were standing guard as very high ranking Trisalien was making ready to leave. The power goes out. The doors from both ends go down as charges go off. The two teams come in shooting. All Trisaliens in the room but the high ranking one were killed. The teams point there weapons at him. L.T price walks up to him.

Price: L.T colonel Tax. Head of the Trisalien military intelligent. Last know holder of codes to the Zintoniean Imperial Satellite network. You are now a prisoner of war.

The team takes there new prize onto a shuttle they had not to far from the base. As they were taking off L.T Price look down back at the base. He holds up a small object the pushes down on it. The Trisalien out blows up. L.T Price turns back to his men and takes a seat.

L.T Price: Nothing left. There just believe he was killed in the attack.

The shuttle enters space as a Zintoniean ship enters orbit. The shuttle lands on the ship. A whole team of Zintoniean troopers approach the shuttle they lead the Trisalien to a cell. As the Trisalien was a being moved the Captain and L.T Price begin to talk as they are leaving the hanger.

Captain Torn: Job well done.

L.T Price: Thank you sir.

Captain Torn: With that Stick in our hands we maybe able to get our satellites.

L.T Price: Sir I need to get hold of the Navy intelligent. Based on some of the records we found down there I believe the Trisaliens are planning to launch a massive attack on one our key worlds.

The Captain and Price leave the hanger. In the cell blocks Tloyed and Million guards watch the Trisalien mocking him for how easily they were able to catch it. Terrins units walk in with Captain Torn and L.T Price.

Captain Torn: Has it said anything?

Tloyed guard: No sir. It's just been sitting there watching us.

Captain Torn: Open the door.

A guard opens the door. The captain walks in with one of the guards. The door closes. L.T price watches as the Captain talks with Trisalien. He looks at a Terrain Guard.

Price: Do you know the date back on Earth right now?

Terrain Guard: It's October 30th. Why?

Price: My kids. Halloween coming. They said they were going to dress up and send me pictures.

Captain Torn comes out of the cell. He shacks his head and leaves. Is in the ship gym to do some work outs. As he was working and Tloyed enters the room.

Tloyed: Sir you need to come now.

They both enter a room with Several Terrains Listening to a report.

Report: A Trisaliens fleet have launch a massive attack on the Terrain home world of Earth. The number of believed dead is as high as 500 million. Every city on the coast of The United States, The English isle, and central parts of Europe destroyed. Our pray's with families of those lost.

L.T Price leaves the room. He enters cell block. Tells the guard to open the door and to stay out side. He enters the room. The Trisalien watches him. He seats down.

Price: Your people understand that there are rules right? Rules in war.

Tax: Yes. But there are times when the rules must be put aside. Because they make victory harder to gain.

Price: You mean rules like feeding P.O.W's, or Attacking civilian targets.

Tax: I take it you just learned of the attack on the Terrain world.

Price: Those rules are there for a reason.

Tax: Those rules are there to prove how weak a people are. Humans are soft in all there dealings with us. Your people would never go against your rules.

Price: You don't get it do you? Have you ever heard the fraise of the sleeping giant?

Tax: No.

Price: About 200 years ago. There was a attack on a powerful nation of my world. The man who lead the attack new what they were doing would cost them the war they were already fighting. When the attack was over he said. I fear all we have done was awaken a sleeping giant. That what your people have done. I think when every human hears of what happen to our home world. They won't be sharing those loving rules with your people just something to think about. But because From a part of the planet was destroyed. That attack coast me something very deer to me. My Family.

Price stands up and comes around the table. He grabs the Trisalien and forces him against the wall.

Price: Your going to give me the codes to the satellite network. But your not going to give them to me so I'm just going to beat them out of you. And after you tell me them I'm going to keep beating you for have your people have done. I fear all you have done is awaken a sleeping giant.

Price begins to beat on Tax. After a little while he walks out of the cell as Captain torn is walking into the cell block. Price walks by saying

Price: I got the codes we need and also you may want to call a med team. But I don't think it should be Terrain.

Price leave the cell block as Torn looks into the cell. He see Tax on the ground as a bloody mess. Over the next two weeks reports from the frontlines both in space and on the ground more and more Terrain units push harder against the Trisaliens. In each charge you here the cries of ten thousand men and woman: This is for Earth.

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