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Imperial Odyssey - Homefront

Written by  Kyle Anderson
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On the Capital world of the Zintoniean Empire the imperial senate meets about the war with the Trisaliens. With more then half saying the war must go on till total victory has been won. There thoughts being in the last several weeks there has been one major victory after another. Despite the fact that Trisaliens have been using the codes they obtained to get by the Satellite network. Every attack they have launch has been pushes back. But with the counter argument being but with every victory the lost in life was greater on the side of the Empire not the Trisaliens. Even if there battle group take 80% lost or more. The damages to these worlds will cost more in the long run. And the Trisaliens no this to be true. If the Trisaliens keep using the advantage to keep pushing deeper into the Imperial space. What is to stop them from attacking Zintoniea C it's self. The other sides clam that the fleet in orbit around the planet is far to strong to even dare to attack us here. They wouldn't be able to get any of there ship to the planet. In come back. They will hit us where we think were the most safe. But in the end the senate votes to keep the war going.

In the public shipyards several soldiers on there portal routes. A few soldiers enter the cargo yard to check the coming frat. About a Dozen full cargo ships landed that day. As they were looking around on the ship in and out they notice that there is no crew on board and no one around. One soldier opens the cargo hold to look inside. He is shot from inside the hold. He drops dead against the ground. A Trisalien comes out of the hold. He goes to the main controls to the cargo hold and starts pushing button and pulling knobs. On the outside of the ship the cargo hold doors start opening With Trisaliens flooding out with heavy armor tanks rolling out. The soldiers around start getting gunned down. But the load shooting was head a long ways away. Trisaliens begin to set up a beach head and command post before the Zintonieans could get a sizeable force there to stand against them. But what soldiers that were there tried to put up a defense. The rest of the cargo ships unload the Trisalien cargo. The fighting around ship yard is light at first because of the lack of resistance on the empires part. By night fall that day the sky was lighten with anti-air fire, Zintoniean and Trisalien fighters. Battle lines were formed. The line kept on changing do the numbers of the Trisaliens. In the center of the line two Corporals named John and Zaire (Tloyed) are down in a trench. Zaire stands up starts shooting into the Trisalien line.

John: This shows that were winning this war. Why else would they attack the capital? There dispirit.

Zaire gets down and looks at his friend

Zaire: Or it could mean that they are winning and it time to hit us at home.

John: That can't be it.

Zaire: Think about it. Why would they risk this much man power and tech this far behind the line on attack they know can't win.

A Order came that this part of the line was falling back to the next line. As there falling back John couldn't help but wonder why can't they just blast them from Space. He knows there plenty of ships up there. The reply he got was that HQ doesn't want a any ships to fire into a location with civilians.

Into the night the fighting would cover streets of the capital city. Three Units of Marines charge into the Trisalien line are able to break into there lines. But do the heavy weapons fire they were forced back with high loses. About mile from the main fighting the medical units trying to get the wounded out. But with evacuation of the civilians was still underway and going slow. John and his unit are running down the main street of the city. Two units of Trisalien infantry and tanks are rolling down the street after them. Every man that didn't take cover was gunned down. John jumps into a fox hole with a Captain on a field phone.

Captain: HELLO. I want a air-strike on main street. What do you mean there's no support? I don't care what the colonel said. Get that strike down here NOW.

The captain ends the phone call. Captain to get out of the foxhole into a damage building. When they get in 3 jets fly by dropping high explosives down the street. Above the streets as the jets come above the city two Trisalien fighters swoop by shooting down two of the fighters. The 3rd avoid there fire. It locks on to an enemy and chase it down. There aren't that many enemy fighters in the shy. But the problem is coming from the AA guns. The AA guns are computer controlled making it so they are able to hit the empire fighters easily. All over the city trenches were being dug for safer movement for the marine unites on the ground. From orbiting satellite above the planet the city looks like a irrigation system of soldiers. In a trench outside the palace John with a unit of Tloyed and Humans. A Colonel Cain looks over the marines.

Colonel Cain: Trisaliens taken the palace. They've killed the honor guards and there using palace as there new forward HQ. We are to take the palace back on matter the cost. Understand?

Tloyed marine: Sir. What of the queen?

Colonel Cain: The queen and her staff has been taken to her bunker out side the city.

The Marines form in the Trench. The Colonel give the order to charge. Hundreds of marines crawl out of the trench as enemy fire rains down on them from the Palace. They come to the palace. Few of the marines come to the door of the palace. Most of the marines break the windows and get in that way. When some of the windows break and marines get in the window some are killed do the Trisaliens in that room. Other marines go to the palace doors and blow them. John along with marines push there way into the palace taking heavy loses. The Palace is torn apart on the inside with the fighting. That the main throne room is destroyed. Along with living section was gone. Back in the shipyard the Trisaliens engineers are loading up dozen attack drones with a high level explosives. When the drones took off they went over the main part of the battle. They headed for the medical sites set up to care for the wounded. Imperial attack fighters try to destroy them before the were able hit hospitals. The ones that were shot down crashed into surrounding building. Because of the level of explosive on the drone the building hit would collapse the shock wave push cars over pushes soldier down. In the Imperial HQ set up General Dax walks into the war room. Demands reports. He is shown on the map that the Trisaliens have set up a light shield around the shipyard to protect there main HQ. Do to the shielding we aren't able to hit the main base with bombers. Also do the numbers that Trisaliens brought with them they aren't able to spread to far out without be to thin on there lines.

General Dax: If we can keep them in this area. (Pointing to the map.) We should be able to keep this from going to far.

Tech officer: Sir we're going a message from the fleet in orbit.

General Dax: Open a channel.

Audio message: This is fleet commander. Have huge problem. Trisaliens ships are reentering normal space. We've engaged. But be ready for incoming drop ships and fighters.

General Dax: Understood.

General Dax looks out back at the city. The horror of what was happening in the city was told by the amount of smoke raising from the city. But flames gave the sky a beautiful glow. General Dax picks up a field phone.

General Dax: Get me the Queens bunker. Get the queen out of there. The bunker may not be safe enough for what is happening. I don't care. Just get her as far from the city you can.

Back in the city a group of marines are running down some back alley as they come out of the alley a Trisaliens light anti: infantry tank rolled up. It opens fire as the marines take cover. A few of the marines go down. The tank begins to roll forward slowly. The marines try to get out but there pined. Coming up from behind the tank a crashing fighter is come down. It hit's the ground right behind the tank the crash damage the tank enough for the marines to move forward. They ran by dropping a few explosive in one of the hole made by the crash.

Up in orbit around the planet it's no better. The battle that started above has turn out badly. The empires fleet was 1/3 the size of the attacking Trisaliens fleet and because of the fleet the fight was getting larger on the ground. With fresh Trisaliens troops joining the battle and marines coming from all round the planet the fighting wasn't just in the city anymore. There telling weather there will be a city after the fight is over. It's still unknown how the Trisaliens were able to mass a fleet this size and get it pass the line. Even with help coming from the line. Attack of this size with this many ships and man power isn't something you just do. There was heavy planning invalid here. Some fear that the planet may fall before they can get there. On the ground some units began to run low on ammo and began to beat the Trisaliens with there rifles or even with there bear hands. A young Tloyed marine jumps a Trisaliens soldier beating on him. Telling him to get off there planet. The Trisalien stabs a knife into his side. He falls back holding the knife wound. The Trisalien stands up laughing saying It's our planet now. The Trisalien rushes him. The Trisalien drops with a large hole in his head. Tloyed tours his head to see a Human Sniper on top of some ruble.

Some the Trisalien armor rolls up. A group of fighter jets fly low danger close mission firing all the missiles into the armor. The Trisalien HQ the commanding general with his staff.

Trisalien commander: We've brought enough. Why haven't you broke them yet?

Trisalien officer: There putting up more a fight then we thought. Even when they run out of ammo they will fight us hand to hand. There are reports of time of them taking our weapons using them on us.

Trisalien commander: the amount of planning, man power, supplies we've brought. I don't care what it takes. Take this planet.

Trisalien officer: Yes sir.

On the Trisalien line. They mount up more anti: infantry weapons up to keep the empire from retaking what we've lost already. The battle in orbit. A empires fighter chase a Trisalien jet in between two battle ships. The fight trades between the two almost hit the fighter but kills the Trisaliens. On the empires station the fleet commander on the bridge.

Crewmen: Sir. We have a problem

Fleet commander: I don't want to hear it.

Crewmen: More ships are entering normal space.

Fleet Commander: Ready the guns to fire on them when they enter normal space. Maybe we can get them before they get there shields up.

Out in space the fleet of ship come into normal space guns blazing.

Crewmen: Sir it the Crune. There here.

Fleet commander: Thank god.

The Crune ships join the main fleet in the battle. The Trisaliens still out number the two empires 2/3. But with fresh ship the battle may still be won this day. On the planet in the night sky both sides the Trisaliens and the empire can see the lights from the battle above. The Crune have come it doesn't mean the battle is over. The Empire forces large a massive counter attack into the heart of the Trisalien invasion force. Because the battle has gone as long as it did and that Trisaliens weren't able to land more troops the ammo was running low. The Charge against the Trisaliens was mostly hand to hand. When the battle was finally over. Of the invasion force non would surrender. The Trisalien fleet in orbit gets word that the ground battle is over they begin to retreat. Most the ships are lost why'll trying to leave the planets orbit. The queen was let back into the city. As her car was driving though the city she would watch the soldiers covering the dead and taking care of the wounded. The war had been going on for years now. But this the first time she seen soldiers this soon after a battle. They stop in front of the palace. A marine comes around and opens the door. She get's out to see the damage on th palace. She enter the palace and looks around. When enters a statue fall over. As she and her guards walk down the hall they come across a dead marines she looks at him then to a guard.

Queen Ania: Get this man covered. I don't want to see another soldier uncovered like again.

A marine comes with a caver. She enters her offices. With the commanding Crune, General Dax and few other officers to talk about what just happen, the war, and what do to next. Queen Ania comes to her desk and picks up a picture. She looks it over then turns to the officers in her office.

Queen Ania: Give me a report.

General Dax: The orbiting fleet has suffered at lest half lost. We're still unsure of our lost here.

Gun shots are heard out the window in the streets.

Queen Ania: I thought you said it was over.

General Dax: It is. There are just a few teams of Sticks that haven't been found.

Queen Ania: What do we do now General?

General Dax: The only thing we can do keep up the fight.

Crune Commander: Forgive me General. But if they can get this far behind your lines. The war is lost. Unless we are able to get your codes back from them. They will keep attacking planet behind your lines like this. We must take the fight them. Into there space.

General Dax: I'm afraid he's right.

The next floor up shouts are heard. Then gun shots.

Marines: Get back here you bustard.

A crash is heard. The roof begins to crash as a Trisalien and 3 marines 1 human and 2 Tloyed full into the room. They land on the Trisalien. The Crune and General Dax block the queen. The Human marine stands up and unloads his clip into the Trisalien. Blood squirts on the marines armor. He looks around at the everyone in the room. They snap to attention. They then marines drag it out of the room.

Crune Commander: This is what I mean. If they get single soldier on your world. Queen Ania then your life is endanger.

Queen Ania: Very well. General do what must be gone. Have the fleet begin to push into there space reclaim what we've lost.

General Dax: Very well.

Queen Ania sit's at her deck as General Dax and the Crune Commander leave her office.

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