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Imperial Odyssey - Relay

Written by  Kyle Anderson
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My name is Captain John Oliver. I was station on Brushfire about 9 years into the war with Trisalien. My unit was to guard a Trisalien com relay. It allowed us to listen in and spy on the Trisaliens in three star systems. When I was Stationed here with my unit there were about 700 of us. Were down to fewer then 400. The trisalien keep trying to take the relay back. If they could they would just destroy it. But because were underground and the shielding we've put up the only way they can get to it and us is to come though the tunnels. In the last 5 months they have lunch one attack after another trying to break us. But as they haven't. We've been asking for help for two weeks. The empire was finally able to get help. They sure took there sweet time. A unit of Crune came. So all together there are about 900 of us to hold the line against endless waves of Trisaliens. The brush fire relay or what we've come to know as hell was an important orders were to hold it and stand til the last man.

I remember when we first got there the unit we were replacing had the same strength as us when they got there. I think I only saw 80 people leave that outpost and they look like they went though hell. Now after being here almost 6 months can't help but think about what they were thinking when they saw us. Most of our unit had green horns who've never even a ties alien much less any form of combat. About a week after the Crune got there. I was talking to the commander. In our language his name and rank was a major Far more. Well more like that what I called him because I couldn't say his real name currently. We were setting our men post. When a corporal came up to us and told us that there something on the radar. We went to the command center. We pick up large number of Trisaliens transports were landing outside the shield. I checked the monitors we had set up two day before to give us eyes out side the caves. There look several thousand of them out there. Normal when the hit us the only sent a few hundred. But I guess they decided that they were going to take relay back come hell or high waters.

I looked down over the compound at the men and women under my command and the Crune that were here with us. The hell they've been though over the last months. I gave the order to them to make ready for the coming attack. It didn't take long. It sad really to be so uses to this that we can ready for bloodshed in minutes. As I was kneeling at the wall we had set up to help protect us. I was there next to the Crune commander, Other Crune and my own men. We could hear them. There marching. I found myself saying the following wards.

Cannon to the right them cannon to the lift of them cannon in front of them volley and thundered stormed out with shot and shell boldly they rode well into the jaws of death into the mouth of hell rode in the 600.

My men look at who were closes enough to hear what I said. What I saw in there eyes. I've never seen such fear in someone eyes. Crune commander just look at me funny. I told him it was a proem from Earth. Someone yelled here they come. There head start poking up . They ran at us. I didn't even give the order to fire. The caves just lit up with the sounds of weapons fire. There first few attack were forces back. But after there 3rd attempt there commanders must have said something on the lines of screw it. Charge them. Don't stop till we've taken this base. Because they came at us like bats out of hell. Know matter how many we killed in the charge they didn't stop. The Crune commander gave the order for his men to fall back to the next line of defense we had set up. I gave the order to stay. He stop with a long with few other of his men and saw how we didn't even move. Right before they hit the line I yell as load as my lings would let me. CHARGE BAYANETS. As the first line of Trisaliens hit the wall we had set up. 250 men and women stood up at the same time ramming foot long knifes into there dark evil hearts. The Crune reformed there lines. But couldn't help but wonder why didn't fall back. We were order to hold our ground. And we did. The Crune commander Major Far more had never served with Humans. In fact he didn't have much for our race. But because of the war he put his feeling to the side. And because He's never served with human he didn't know how we fought. He's always thought that we were a weak race. But after what he saw in the cave. He would later be heard to say.

That my feeling about humans are clear I have never lied about what I thought of Human. Thinking that they weak nothing but small weak minded beings. But after serving with them on the Brushfire. The level carnage I saw just few human unleash on the Trisaliens. God help the Crune if we ever go to war with Humanity.

As the battle kept on. I was ordered my men to stand. Major Far more gave the order for his men to Charge. They joined the fight we were in. I came face to face with a Trisalien. He came at me with a knife. I used my rifle to block his blade. Then I push up his arm then ran my bayonet into him. He drop dead. I can't say I remember the whole battle. We held. But the cost was high. Out of our number had we had fewer then 300. Even with the Crune. Two days later we got word that we were being transferred out. A new unit was sent in. When I was a medical Space station when I got word that the Relay was over run. But to keep the relay from falling back in there hands they destroyed the hold base.

Now 30 years later . I've come back to the site of that battle the caves closed off but there is a monument to all of the units that stood there ground to keep this place safe.

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