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Imperial Odyssey - Last Hope

Written by  Kyle Anderson
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With the 2nd brushfire war ragging now for 4 years and because of the betrayal of major Hex. Having given the Trisaliens ability to by pass all forms of radar that the empire has, and with victory, after victory the Trisaliens have mange to push dip into there enemies territories. With both the Crune and Zintoniean empires on the verge of defeat. The Trisaliens have offered both empires a chance to surrender to end the war and to save live. But under the Trisalien rule.

In order to save the empire Queen Anna has order General Dax to with a small team of marines and a ambassadors from both the empire and Crune aboard a small frigate Z.E.S titan to meet with another race beyond the boarders of the empire and the Trisaliens. A race known only as the Gemini.

When General Dax comes aboard with a human named Eric Reed waiting for him. He claim to be an observer. When the ship got the point of the meeting a small Gemini ship with a crew of 5 (not counting the Gemini council member) is waiting for them. The ship lands in the Z.E.S Titan hanger. General Dax with both ambassadors to greet the Gemini council member named Deja a female Gemini. General Dax get word from the bridge that a Trisalien ship drops out of light speed. The Gemini tells them that the Gemini told them that they would be meeting. To keep thing far that ambassador was sent.

The Gemini and General Dax with the empires ambassadors and guards walking to a ready place to talk. WhyÆll on rout General Dax tryÆs to speak with her before the Trisaliens are able to get there. About the war, about how it would before the best of the Gemini to join in on this war.

Dax: It would be in the Gemini best interest to join this war against the Trisaliens.

Deja: Why would be we join this war?

Dax: You know as well as I do that all they do is conquer, and once there done with us they will be coming after you.

Deja: They have done no form of aggression against us.

Dax: They think of the Gemini as weak people.

Deja: GENERAL Before I consider throwing my people into a long bloody war that will no donÆt kill millions of loyal Gemini. Ask yourself this. Why would I do this? Why would I risk million of my people lives?

Deja and the other ambassadors meet with the Trisalien. They go into the meeting room. The general is unable to be part of the meeting. Eric Reed comes up to the General asking him of what the Gemini said. He tell him of what just happen. Eric leaves. Some time goes by. The General is in another room walking back and forth. A marine enter the room with Eric Reed. He tells him that he was near Gemini ship. Eric Reed claim to have been trying to learn about the Gemini ships. The Ambassador come in. Tell him that the Gemini will not be joining the fighting. TheyÆve already left the ship and that the Z.E.S titan is already on its way back.

It will take 8 days to return back to Zintoniean space. On the 4th day the general got ward that a Gemini council member was killed by Trisaliens on it way back from a diplomatic mission. General Dax ask who was killed? He was told that it was Gemini council member Deja . How it happen? The Trisalien must have place a bomb on her ship during the meeting. General Dax looks a little confused. He tells the Queen heÆll need to call her back. He gets up from his desk. And walks away quickly. He comes into the room with Eric Reed. He walks and punches him in the face. They start to argue.

General Dax: You did it didnÆt you? You killed them.

Eric Reed: You donÆt get it. A Trisalien bomb kills a high ranking government leader.

General Dax swings his fest. Eric stops it.

Eric Reed: If you stop for one minute. DonÆt you understand! The Gemini will enter the war. We would have given the empire what it needs a war between the Gemini dominion and the Trisaliens Union. And you know that our actions may have saved the empire.

General Dax: Our action! We came out in hopes to get the Gemini to join the war.

Eric Reed: And we did. The Gemini will join the war.

General Dax: When you return you will be put on trial for what youÆve done.

General Dax turns to leave. When Eric Reed grabs him.

Eric Reed: Fine. WeÆll have a trial then the Gemini will learn of what happened and the will join the war. ON THE SIDE OF THE TRISALIENS

General Dax leave the room. The Titan returns to home. General Dax returns to his office. As he goes enters the war room. As enters different contented to the new satellites that were put up. Images of different battles with the Trisaliens. With Gemini ships joining the battles. General Dax continues to his office. He seats down. Knowning what has happen to get the Gemini into the war. General Dax reaches into his desk and pulls a bottle. He pulls a drink.

General: With the Gemini in the war. We may now be able to win the war. But will cost be to great. But I think I live with this. If the empire lives then I can live with this.

(About the Gemini. The Gemini are race of people that try to avoid war at all cost. But if given a reason to fight they will fight to the bitter end. Compared to the size of the empire and the Trisalien union. The Gemini is not as large with only 23 planets under there rule, and a population of 45 billion people. When in time of peace the Gemini are rule by a council with 13 members. But when in war one member is chosen to lead as there commander of all arm forces. When contact with Gemini was made a trade was set up. But to keep out of the war trade was set up with the Trisaliens as well)

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