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Imperial Odyssey - Aid Station

Written by  Kyle Anderson
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It was tell end of the year 2199. The second Brushfire war had been going on for about five months. My name is Rick J. Price. I was surgeon station at an aid station on the planet Avalon. In those beginning months of the war Avalon had some of the worse fighting. I was sent to Avalon to replace the lead Surgeon when he was killed by Trisalien motor shell. When I first got to Avalon the fighting had died done a little. But I dump enough to think that maybe it wasn’t as bad as the news made it out to be. Over the next few weeks the fighting began to build up again to some of the bloodiest ever. Also because of the line always shifting our unit had to keep moving.

It was almost Christmas of that year when it began. I was laying on my cot it was the first break I’ve had in almost 29 hours. Arm forces radio was playing in the background.

This is armed forces radio bring you the people the up to date news on the conflict ragging on our boarders. Do the fighting all across brushfire. For the safety of the public Queen Ania has order evacuation of planet Verok and Avalon. On another bit of news the war department has announces that another one hundred million men will drafted and sent to join the fight in the Brushfire. That’s all for now this is armed forces radio signing off.

When the report ended some music started. It sound like it was from the our second world war. It was nice to hear during this hell we were living in. Even thou it was from another very bloody conflict. Then the next thing was a load explosion. It knocked me out of my cot. Our field phone started ringing. Sergeant Cole answered the phone. He was told that the Trisaliens sre attacking along the whole Avalon line.

Sergeant Cole told me. I core said the Trisaliens are attacking all along the line and to be ready for casualties.

I sent him to wake up the rest of the medics and check supplies. If they were attacking the whole line then this was it was going to be massive. Over the next several hours we work on the wounded that came in. We mostly got humans coming though. There was even a point when a corpsmen brought in a Trisalien. One of our medics wanted to kill it were it lad, another wanted to make it suffer just for being a Trisalien. You have no idea how much I wanted to let them do it. But I am a doctor. Enemy, Allie it doesn’t matter I took an oath to protect life no matter who’s it was. When no one would help him I ordered someone to take the man I was working on so I could take the Trisalien myself. By the time he got to my table it was gone.

I look up and said He’s gone. Take him away.

Two corpsmen came up took him away. Just then another corpsmen came in. Another transport just pulled in with a full load.

I started to head out to the transport. Just when you think nothing more can make thing worse then what they are it gets worse. Just then motors start falling near us. One even hit just out side out our O.R room breaking the window shacking the room. I told one of the other medics to go outside to check the wound that just showed up. I went into office. When I walk in I told Sergeant Cole. Sergeant get me I core command. He replied Yes sir . He took the phone and started calling command. When he got though he gave the phone. Hello I core command this is Lieutenant Rick Price get me the office of the Artillery. He ask me when I would like it. Just then another shell landed near us. Now would be good corporal. The phone went quirt then I heard another voice. Hello. This is who? Colonel Set. L.T Rick Price of sector 3 beta aid Station. What?

Colonel Set-I’m sorry Lieutenant you need to speak up. It’s hard to hear you over the shelling. Your were now? Sector 3. That can’t be My report said that is held by the Trisaliens.

Rick Price-We took this sector three back days ago.

More shells kept falling near us.

Rick Price-Colonel and I’m saying that for the moment we are in your line of fire

Colonel Set-Listen Lieutenant I will do what I can. But I’m running three different parts of the battle I can’t just. Hello? Hello?

Rick Price-Hello? Hello? I’ve lost him. Sergeant Cole see what you can do to get the phone back.

Sergeant Cole-Yes sir.

As I was returning to work I notice that the shells weren’t falling as close to us. When I entered the O.R room. One of my Doctors was yelling for morphine. Another Doctor can to him to give him a needle. When he saw the wounded Soldier it was Crune.

Medic1-Doctor this a Class A Crune.

Medic2-So this Crune. He is in pain give me the needle.

Medic1-Classes A & C Crune can’t take morphine. It’s a poison to there physiology.

Medic2-Then give me something for him he’s in pain.

Listening to the men around me and what felt like every few minutes someone would come in staying there was another transport with more wounded. I’m sure it wasn’t every few minutes but it felt like it. At the 26th hour of work I was given a break. I sat down by the radio. The thing was always on. It was nice when it played some music. Human or otherwise. It was just nice to have. But the bad part was it gave us news on what was happening. We learned that a Trisalien battle group was able to force what few ship that were in orbit away. We were on our own. It went on.

The latest news from I core command. The Trisaliens Factions have landed and hit alone the Avalon line with another 33 division. That 300,000 men folks. Command said that do to ammunition shortages It is unclear how long the line will hold. That the most up to date folks. May god help us.

The battle would last for another two days in a major Trisalien victory. It’s still unclear how many Zintoniean and Crune soldiers died in those four days. I ended up in Trisalien POW camp. I took care of the soldiers. I was there for three months when the Empire was finally able to break the Trisalien defense and to retake the planet.

I would spend the next five years jumping from different planets in that bloody war. I still don’t get how the war started.

Well that my Story.

Captain Rick Price signing off.


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