The most popular sport in the Zintoniean Empire. Neccadda can be played by 2-4 teams, each with 2-6 players. To play a square field of fifty by fifty feet is needed. A player stands on one end of the field behind the “point line”. A stick, called “point pole” is positioned at the opposite end of the field 5 feet from the boundary line. A team tosses a small ball, roughly the size of a tennis ball, at the player behind the point line. He bats the ball with his hand. The ball must land somewhere inside the playing field. The player must run around the point pole and back to the point line without being tagged by the ball. The ball may be thrown at the runner. If the runner is successful a point is earned. The first to 5 points wins. However, each team has 3 “subtractions” which they can use at anytime in the game. When they use a subtraction they take away up to 2 points from each team playing. Teams cannot have a negative score. 

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