Zio is the second Helmecute to rise to the position of Queensmen first class. He spent his life in the Zintoniean Marine Corps were he led a distinguished career as a decorated officer.

Zio’s career didn’t truly begin until he joined the Queensmen Corps. After only a week on the job, he undermined a terrorist plot to destroy a banking firm in the capital city. Zio was wounded on another mission protecting a dignitary traveling to an outside world. Queensmen Zio fought against a Derom’Soray at the beginning of the Zintoniean Aarie war. He continued fighting in the war and served as a Queensmen long afterward. Zio was placed in charge of the Queensmen Corps and served under several queens. He served for over two hundred years until his retirement. After his retirement, he spent the next few centuries of his life exploring and mapping the universe. Zio wrote nearly thirty books on his adventures and is regarded as the most successful Queensmen and explorer of the millennium.

Additional Info

  • Year born: 2200 A.D.
  • Affiliation: Zintoneian Empire, Queensmen Corps
  • Race: Helemcute
  • Birthplace: Helmecute Planet
  • Name at Birth: UNKNOWN
  • Gender: Male
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