Herdiok, Martel

Like many Boyies, Martel was born in a city ripe with crime and poverty. At an early age he engaged in the family business of smuggling and organized crime. When Martel came of age he took over small smuggling operations and expanded his business far into the reaches of the Zintoniean Empire. He also launched operations to planets just outside the empire. He also expanded into weapons smuggling and counterfeiting. Martel was approached by Zintoniean Queensmen on multiple occasions and even started playing both sides of the legal fence. Martel retired, passing the business onto other members of the Herdiok family. Reports say Martel Herdiok bought a massive amount of land somewhere in uncharted regions of space, but no official sightings of Martel have been made public.

Additional Info

  • Year born: 2428 A.D.
  • Affiliation: Herdiok Family, Self
  • Race: Boyie
  • Birthplace: Boyie Homeworld
  • Name at Birth: Martel Herdiok
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