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Born Nestura Sandra Olmake, Ernie grew up in a highly polluted colony outside the boundaries of the Zintoniean Empire. She joined the Zintoniean Navy and worked in naval intelligence where she learned to develop many of her talents as an informant and dealer. Sandra quit the Zintoniean Navy and moved to Verok, then outside Zintoniean control, where she started dealing in black market information. She sold business secrets, government codes, and private bank accounts under the assumed name of Ernie. Despite several attempts by the Zintoniean government to shut her down Ernie continued to thrive, making many allies and enemies in multiple crime syndicates. She built a reputation as beautiful and deadly and became known in some circles simply as “La Femme Fatale”. Ernie’s ultimate demise came as the Zintoniean government launched a crackdown on organized crime. As business became harder she disappeared into the fringes of the universe.

Ernie was played by Christina Longman in Imperial Odyssey – Silly Things.

Additional Info

  • Year born: 2202
  • Affiliation: Self
  • Race: Tloyd
  • Birthplace: Safix
  • Name at Birth: Nestura Sandra Olmake
  • Gender: Female
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