Herdiok, Cixas

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Cixas Herdiok was a member of a crime organization before he could even walk. By the young age of three he was being conditioned to take over the Herdiok family. He got a ship at the age of eight and ran smuggling supplies to outlaying Zintoniean colonies. During this time he made contacts on the planet Verok and started his own smuggling operations. At first he only dealt in illegal contraband, but soon Cixas expanded into the growing information market. He did business with Ernie that went south, and he swore vengeance against her. Cixas Herdiok attempted to help Queensmen pyre catch her, but it was a useless effort. Cixas continued to be a well-known crime boss until he was assassinated in the later years of his life.

Cixas Herdiok was played by James Pyrich in Imperial Odyssey – Silly Things.

Additional Info

  • Year born: 2220 A.D.
  • Race: Boyie
  • Birthplace: Boyie Homeworld
  • Name at Birth: Cixas Herdiok
  • Gender: Male
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