Baker, Lt. Adrian

Lieutenant Adrian Baker was a student at Protos Neil University for a masters in music composition when the Tloyd conquest of 2095 broke out. He was drafted at the very start of the war and rushed through officer candidate school. 2nd Lt. Baker requested advanced training and joined the Zintoniean Army’s Extreme Combat Battalion. Baker saw action several times, but is best known for leading a rag tag squad of soldiers in action shortly before the invasion of Wheaving. Baker’s actions lead to the capture of a Tloyd general, and ultimately, undermined the Tloyd defence of the planet. Baker was killed during his team’s extraction, but became a Zintoniean hero and figurehead. His tactics are studied at war colleges and his squad’s actions were recounted in the book “Drafted” by Berry Kingman.

Baker was played by Buddy Gosbee in “Imperial Odyssey – Calling Baker’s Dozen”

Additional Info

  • Year born: 2069 A.D.
  • Affiliation: Zintoneian Empire
  • Race: Human
  • Birthplace: Earth
  • Name at Birth: Adrian Baker
  • Gender: Male
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