Shadow Series Weapons

A system of weapons used by the Zintoniean Military from 2438 to 2500. The Shadow Series was the first to incorporate compression round magazines.

The Shadow I is a carbine that fires a 6.68mm round. It accuracy and rate of fire have made it a favorite of Zintoniean Marines.

A long range rifle that shoot the .308 round. It uses the same technology in the other Shadow weapons for enhanced accuracy and distance. The weapon is a formal sniper rifle, but acts and feels like a normal field rifle. It can work as a semi automatic or bolt-action system.

The Shadow III assault rifle fires a heavy 6.68mm round at a rate of 200 rounds per minute. It can fire fully automatic or a three shot burst.

The Shadow IV is a light machine gun capable of shooting the 6.68 mm round or the 7.62mm round. It is designed for close support and as an infantry weapon.

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