Herdiok Family

The Herdiok family is an influential and secret criminal organization of Boyies.


The Herdiok family was started by Veras Herdiok in 2124 A.D. originally as a way to counteract Trisalien slavers. The family grew into a respectable trade organization, which then fell to crime lords. Passed down from generation to generation the Herdiok family became an important player in Boyie politics and crime. With Cixas Herdiok the family expanded into the Zintoniean Empire and eventually rose to power as an underground syndicate. The Zintoniean government secretly had several dealings with Martel Herdiok, as well as other members of the Herdiok family. Throughout the years they have managed to stay in power, but relatively unknown by the general population.


The rule of the Herdioks is passed down to family members only. Those with the family name of Herdiok are eligible to ascend to the lead of the family. After a time many family members began their own operations; some ligament and others not. All decisions by the Herdiok family must be made as a group and agreed on unanimously. This has led to some confrontations but has been attributed to their ability to outlast and out survive their competitors. Some Herdioks have been involved with Boyie politics and the family has been known to manipulate the political system from time to time.


The culture of the Herdiok family is typical of any organized crime. Loyalty, code of silence, devotion to the family, honesty, profits and expansion are some of the primary aspects of the family. The Herdioks are constantly venturing into new and interested ways to expand their criminal empire. In their culture the family works as a unit, and everyone’s opinion matters. There is no trust given to outsiders and the Herdiok family generally regards any non-Boyies as lower forms of life.

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