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Imperial Odyssey - The Traitor

Written by  Kyle Anderson
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Schofield stands in a room in front a table with two men sitting in front of him.

Major Ken: "For the navy record General Ken and Major Hex interview of Colonel Schofield. Please for the record your name, Rank and ship you serve."

Schofield: "Colonel Schofield. Captain of the Z.E.S Avenger."

General Ken : "Tell us in your words of the events near Williams Cluster and the disaster there of."

Schofield: "Before the disaster of Williams Cluster. My ship along will the eight others were on route to the Williams Cluster to join with another 36 ships both Zintoniean and Crune. To prepare for a massive assault against the Trisaliens. But when the fleet entered normal space we came immediately under fire by over dozen Trisalien destroyers. "

General Ken : "The records say that when you came out of light speed that your vessel shield were already. "

Schofield: "Yes sir. During the last engagement before the Williams Cluster disaster. We were having problems keeping our main power for the shielding running. I ordered the tech team to work on it. In order to do that the shield must be online. If you look in the records your were given you can see that there records are there."

General Ken: "Yes they are I’ve look over them. We know that your ship was one of five to survive of the 45 sent."

Schofield: "GENERAL. I want to know why Am I being interrogated?"

Schofield and the General stare each other down. Major Hex watches them both then turns to the general.

Hex: "Sir. I we should tell him. I’ve known this man for going on 20 years. I can vow for his loyalty."

The general looks at Schofield.

General Ken: "For some time we believe that is mull. "

Schofield: "A Mull. If I was a mull would I be dumb enough to give enemy a target to attack that I was part of. I lost 37 members of my crew in that battle."

General Ken: "This disaster was not the first. Last month the same thing happen to 19 Crune ships. But from what you’ve told us and the records we have you are clear of everything. You are to return to your vessel. To await orders"

Schofield: "Yes sir."

Schofield leaves the room. The general clears the table.

General Ken: "Major I want you to go back to your office. Send these reports to the command."

Hex: "Yes."

Schofield is walking to down the way to his ship. He stops for a moment he could hear a voice. It sound like Hex. Schofield comes to the door of Hex office. He stands there listening to what was being said.

Hex: "I can’t send anymore transmission for a why’ll Command is beginning to crake down on everyone."

Trisalien: "Do you have the codes you promised us for this transmission?"

Hex: "Yes. These will allow pass every satellite the empire has."

Hex types a few codes in the send it. Schofield comes into the room. Hex looks up from his computer.

Hex: "Schofield? What are you doing here? I thought you were back on the Avenger."

Schofield: "I would have been if it wasn’t for the message I came across. "

Hex: "I sent a message out."

Schofield: "A message the Trisalien."

Hex panics a little. Schofield walks forward.

Schofield: "Hex I’m saying this as your friend. Get away from the computer."

Hex: "I can’t."

Schofield: "Hex then As an officer of the Zintoniean Navy I order you away from that computer NOW."

Schofield razes a gun.

Hex: "A gun. Is that a bit much!"

Schofield: "Get away from the computer."

Hex moves away from his desk. Schofield walks up to the desk still pointing the gun a Hex. Schofield looks over the computer. Schofield looks at Hex

Schofield: "Why did you do it?"

Hex: "Schofield. You know no me. I. I "

Hex runs out of his office. Schofield runs after him. When the get into the hallway. Schofield points the gun at Hex. Try’s to fire but couldn’t pull the trigger. The people in the halls run into there officers. Schofield runs after him. Hex pushes someone onto the ground. Schofield runs by the person.

Schofield: "Call this in now."

Hex runs comes into a vent. He pulls off the vent cover and slides down. Schofield comes to the vent. He slides down after it. When he comes down he looks around. He walks slowly though the vents.

Hex: "You shouldn’t have come after me."

Schofield: "How could you do this Hex? You’ve served the empire all your life."

Hex: "Then you know I love the empire."

Schofield: "You’ve killed the empire."

Hex: "What I’ve done with let the Empire live on."

Schofield: "Under Trisalien rule."

Schofield looks around the corner of the vent he’s in. Hex comes at him pushing him over knocking the gun out of his hand. Hex and Schofield roll around of the ground. They stop with Schofield on the ground. Hex holds down Schofield and punch him in the face. Schofield reach out and was able to grab a pipe hitting Hex in the side of the head. Hex falls to the side. The both get up get up on there feet. Hex fells were he got hit. There was now blood on his head.

Hex: "You fight dirty."

Schofield: "I fight Trisaliens for a living."

They start to fight hand to hand. Because both men fighting the first brushfire war. They both had great skills in fighting. As they fight both take blows to there bodies. Schofield lays a blow to Hex stomach. Hex falls to one of his knee. Schofield walks back a little watching Hex. Schofield picks up the gun he walk back to Hex. He points the gun at him

Schofield: "In the name of the Zintoniean Empire you are under rest for treason Hex."

Hex stand up slowly. with his hand on his stomach and the other pulling a knife out of his boot..

Hex: "I’m not going in."

Hex swing the knife at Schofield. Schofield shots Hex in the head. Hex falls to the ground head. As Schofield hit’s the ground. Imperial Marines come into the room. One takes the weapon from Schofield. They take him out.

Queen Ania: "What is the damage?"

General Dax: "From what I’ve been told. Major Hex gave the Trisaliens the codes to all our satellites and radars."

Queen Ania: "Can we change the codes?"

General Dax: "No. They’ve lock us out. All of the satellites we have now useless. It will take at lest two years to replace them all."

Queen ania stands up from her desk and looks out the window of over city.

General Dax: "No world in the Empire is safe."

Queen Ania: "Thank you. Dismiss General."

General leave the room. Queen Ania begins to cry.

Schofield walks into a dark room. When he comes in the lights turn on. With a large black casket. He looks it over he puts his hand on it.

Schofield: "Goodbye Hex. You were my closes friend. "

Schofield turns and walks out of the room. The lights turn out.

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